Daily Tips & Tricks for Web Enthusiasts

Remove Annoying Fixed Elements

Most of the time the navigation here on Core Assistance stays visible as you scroll. However, if your display isn’t very tall, I leave the navigation at the top of the page. This allows more room for content when the site is viewed in a small browser window or on a smartphone.

Unfortunately, a lot of websites these days aren’t so thoughtful. Many sites keep headers, footers, subscription forms, chat prompts, social icons, navigation, and other elements visible at all times, leaving only a tiny area for the actual content.

If this upsets you, you’re not alone. Alisdair McDiarmid was also quite annoyed with these sticky elements, so he created a Kill Sticky bookmarklet to get rid of them. His bookmarklet will remove any element with position: fixed; applied, which should take care of most of the annoying elements you’ll encounter.

Just add his bookmarklet to your bookmarks or favorites bar, then click on it to banish sticky elements when they annoy you. If you want them back, all you have to do is reload the page.

Bonus tip for iPad users: If you’re running iOS 11 or higher you can now drag and drop bookmarklets into the bookmarks panel when Safari is full screen. Just display the bookmarks panel using the bookmarks button in the upper left corner, navigate to where you want the bookmarklet to go, then drag and drop the bookmarklet into the panel.