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Week 1: January 1 to January 7, 2018

Intuitive Box Sizing • HTML & CSS Mondays
The default box model in CSS is a bit strange. Learn how to fix it.

Avoid Comparison Surprises • JavaScript Tuesdays
JavaScript's automatic type conversion can produce some strange results. Thankfully it's easy to avoid.

Your HTML Element Needs a Language Attribute • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
Adding a single attribute helps with both automatic translation and accessibility.

The Best Web Docs: MDN • Resources & Links Thursdays
My go-to reference for fundamental web technologies.

Log Out Without Logging Out • Browsing the Web Fridays
A legitimate reason to use private browsing while you're working.

Design is How it Works • Design Saturdays
This perspective on design has acted as a guiding light for me for years.

Link Wisely • Writing Sundays
The web's greatest superpower is the hyperlink. Learn how to make your links the best they can be.

Week 2: January 8 to January 14, 2018

Easy Layout Debugging with Outlines • HTML & CSS Mondays
Quickly see hidden dimensions (without messing with your layout) using a bit of CSS.

Beware of typeof • JavaScript Tuesdays
An examination of some unusual JavaScript behavior and how to (mostly) work around it.

Text Readability Basics • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
A comfortable reading experience is key to engaging with your audience.

Can I Use? • Resources & Links Thursdays
What browsers support what?

Restore Recently Closed Web Pages • Browsing the Web Fridays
Didn't mean to close that tab? Here's how to get it back!

Great Design Seems Obvious • Design Saturdays
How to avoid a common pitfall during the design process.

Write to a Single Person • Writing Sundays
Are you speaking to your audience in the best way possible?

Week 3: January 15 to January 21, 2018

Set a Character Set • HTML & CSS Mondays
Avoid garbled content and security issues by adding a single element to your pages.

Don’t Trust Client-Side JavaScript • JavaScript Tuesdays
Why client-side code should never be trusted for anything critical.

Write Great Alternative Text for Images • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
How to write great descriptions for your images to improve accessibility, user experience, and SEO.

Unsplash: A Myriad of Free Photos • Resources & Links Thursdays
An incredible resource for high-resolution images.

Supercharge Your Web Browser’s Built-In Search • Browsing the Web Fridays
Take your web browser's built-in search to the next level.

Perfection • Design Saturdays
Why good enough really is good enough.

Write Concisely • Writing Sundays
Why keeping your copy short and to the point is worth the effort.

Week 4: January 22 to January 28, 2018

Smart Line Height • HTML & CSS Mondays
Find out why using a length or percentage value for your line heights is a bad idea.

Embrace Curly Braces • JavaScript Tuesdays
Curly braces are technically optional in some cases, but omitting them is not a good idea.

Use Caution when Changing Default Outline Styles • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
Why removing default outline styles without replacing them with something else is a bad idea.

Down for Everyone Or Just Me? • Resources & Links Thursdays
No need to ask a human, there's a great free service that can answer this question for you!

Quickly Cycle Through Browser Tabs • Browsing the Web Fridays
Learn how to quickly navigate the tabs in your web browser using your keyboard.

Only Break Rules You Understand • Design Saturdays
Rules are made to be broken, but make sure you're truly improving things before you do.

Don’t Revise as You Write • Writing Sundays
Find out why it's critical to keep writing and editing separate.

Week 5: January 29 to February 4, 2018

Watch Out for Trailing Commas in CSS • HTML & CSS Mondays
How a common best practice in many programming languages can wreak havoc in CSS.

Tips for Naming Variables • JavaScript Tuesdays
Not too short, not too long, and keep your target audience in mind.

Use What You Build • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
Don't rely on assumptions; take the time to put your work through its paces.

Let’s Encrypt • Resources & Links Thursdays
Find out how to enable HTTPS (SSL/TLS) on your website for free. No catch, no downsides.

Quickly Bypass Your Web Browser’s Cache • Browsing the Web Fridays
Seeing an out-of-date version of your website? Here's the quick fix.

White Space is Your Friend • Design Saturdays
Empty space is filled with vitally important qualities.

Find a Proofreader • Writing Sundays
Improve your writing with the critical eye of another person.

Week 6: February 5 to February 11, 2018

HTML Terminology • HTML & CSS Mondays
Ever wonder what the difference is between a tag and an element? Or what, exactly, an attribute is? If so, this is the tip for you!

Naming Functions & Keeping Them Simple • JavaScript Tuesdays
A simple method to both name functions well and keep your code manageable.

You Can’t Hover on a Touchscreen • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
The :hover pseudo-class enables a wealth of functionality, but if you use it for anything critical you're excluding a huge number of people.

WebAIM • Resources & Links Thursdays
Outstanding accessibility tools and resources.

Change the Size of Text on Any Web Page • Browsing the Web Fridays
How to quickly make any text on the web easier to read.

Empathy is Key to Great Design • Design Saturdays
To craft a great solution you have to understand the people experiencing the problem.

Powerfully Potent Proofreading • Writing Sundays
A simple strategy to increase your effectiveness when editing and proofing your own work.

Week 7: February 12 to February 18, 2018

Specify Automatic Form Functionality • HTML & CSS Mondays
Find out how to take your forms from frustrating to fabulous with four simple attributes.

Be Careful with Code Formatting • JavaScript Tuesdays
Most of the time the way you format your code doesn't matter. Most of the time.

Make Small MP3s that Sound Great • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
Learn what the MP3 encoding options mean and the settings I recommend to strike a good balance between audio quality and file size.

You Might Not Need jQuery • Resources & Links Thursdays
A useful repository of JavaScript snippets, even if you've never used jQuery.

Understanding Private Browsing • Browsing the Web Fridays
Private browsing may not be as private as you think.

Select the Right Image Format • Design Saturdays
Find out how to pick the right image format for the job.

Recognize & Avoid Passive Voice • Writing Sundays
Improve the clarity and flow of your writing by avoiding passive voice.

Week 8: February 19 to February 25, 2018

Don’t Use Inline Styles • HTML & CSS Mondays
Find out why inline styles are bad news.

Access Object Properties with Variables • JavaScript Tuesdays
You can access object property values using any expression that evaluates to the name of the property you're after.

Users Can’t Have an Experience Until You Ship • UX & Accessibility Wednesdays
Wherein I provide a simple way to determine when it's time to release what you're working on.